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Empowering Medical Research

AI Research Assistant for Generating Scientific Summaries, Hypotheses, Experimental Designs, and Target Identification.

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Using only Peer-Reviewed databases to get reliable outputs

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Empowering scientists to navigate literature, formulate hypotheses and design experiments. Discover the Power of Insight - For Everyone:

  • List IconGenerate Scientific Summaries
  • List IconFormulate Hypothesis
  • List IconCreate Experimental Designs
  • List IconReliable Citations
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Insight Research

Integrated Features

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NIH PubMed

Access to Peer-Reviewed Literature

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NIH Reporter

Insight into ongoing research grants and projects

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NIH Clinical Trials

Updates on current and completed clinical trials



Deep dives into gene and mutations

Insight Capabilities
at a Glance

My Variant400MillionMy Variant feature integrates more than 400 million human variants.
MyGene22 MillionMyGene feature integrates more than 22 million genes for more than 22 thousand species.
Insight PubMed36 MillionThe Insight PubMed Feature searches across more than 36 million peer-reviewed biomedical articles within 30,000 journals.
50%Insight advances the drug discovery process by predicting potential drug candidates, thereby reducing the time and resources by 50% required for experimental testing.
75%Researchers have to spend hours going through extensive literature. Insight does the hard work for you and searches peer-reviewed articles to generate one-click scientific summaries, saving your time by 75%.
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Insight Discovery

Harness the Power of High-Throughput Integration and Targeted Research through:

  • List IconIdentify New Targets
  • List IconIdentify New Subpopulations
  • List IconMultivariate Integration

Insight High-Throughput

Discovery Potential

New Target Discoveries Image

New Target Discoveries

Identifies potential therapeutic targets

Biomarker Discovery Image

Biomarker Discovery

Pinpoints potential diagnostic or therapeutic biomarkers

Prognostic Marker Image

Prognostic Marker

Detects markers for predicting disease progression or outcomes

Our Mission

Our commitment to extreme performance and data integration, all with a user-focused approach, fuels our vision of revolutionizing the way research is conducted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Medical Researchers Use Insight?

With the integrated features of PubMed, NIH, NIH RePORTER, MyGene & MyVariant info, Insight helps researchers in:

  • Generating One-Click Scientific Summaries from peer-reviewed databases.
  • Crafting Experimental Designs and Exporting them in a PDF report.
  • Identifying Clinical Research Opportunities.
  • Diving deep into Genetic Mutations and Variations.
  • Getting Reliable Citations.
What are some of the best examples of Research Objectives on Insight?
  • Investigate the efficacy of mRNA vaccines against emerging infectious diseases.
  • Analyze the effects of intermittent fasting on type 2 diabetes remission.
  • Evaluate the impact of ACE inhibitors on hypertensive heart disease
  • Investigate the association between viral co-infections and COVID-19 severity.
  • Determine the efficacy of SGLT2 inhibitors in managing diabetic nephropathy.
How can Insight help me in conducting Literature Review?

Researchers often dedicate countless hours going through extensive literature reviews. With Insight's PubMed feature, you can efficiently examine more than 36 million peer-reviewed articles, generating one-click scientific summaries, and reduce your time investment significantly.

How can I get in contact with the team?

We're happy to know your feedback and queries about our tool! Email us at or join our Discord Community.